How is this add-in written?

The code is written entirely in Java to run on all platforms and processor architecture supported by HCL Domino. Once loaded, the add-in stays in the background waiting for server console commands. The open source JAddin Framework is used to interface between the HCL Domino Server and the DSAK Java class.

Error "RunJava: Can't find class ..." or "JAddin: Unable to load Java class ..."

Make sure you have typed the Load RunJava JAddin DSAK command with correct upper-/lowercase characters. All Java class names are case-sensitive (see Installation and Usage).

How do I get informed about new versions?

DSAK checks the availability of a newer version during startup and writes a message to the server console if a new version is ready to download. This check is done with a standard HTTPS request to https://k43.ch (port 443).

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